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Company Profile

BioVinc LLC is a privately owned R&D company located in Los Angeles, California. It has an extraordinary portfolio of IP and development products which collectively address a product market of over $1-2 billion per year. The portfolio is based on its core expertise in bisphosphonate research that has led to a platform technology to leverage selective bone targeting properties for the discovery of improved therapeutics and diagnostics for the management of a variety of bone diseases. New small molecule leads have been identified and advanced toward a preventative therapy for osteonecrosis of the jaw in oral surgery patients, and bone selective antibiotics for the treatment of infectious bone disease, Other advances are underway towards re-purposed drugs for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and bone cancers; and optical and nuclear diagnostic imaging probes, including a superior PET scan technology for the replacement of Technetium-99m Bone Scan imaging.


In addition, BioVinc has also commercialized many new fluorescent molecular probes that target bone for research use which can be ordered on this website. The probes are derived from nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates such as zoledronate (ZOL)and, risedronate (RIS) including lower bone affinity analogues conjugated with a wide choice of popular visible and near infrared fluorescent dyes to address different imaging needs in bone related research including bone biology, bone pharmacology, dental, cochlear, and cardiovascular research. Custom “mix-and-match” bisphosphonate-dye pairings are also available on request. By providing both off-the-shelf imaging probes and individually tailored probe design services, BioVinc can help with all aspects of your research needs. The probes have already been used in diverse imaging studies including research on bone metabolism, cancer, and dental conditions.


For more information about BioVinc, please visit http://www.www.biovinc.com