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Jobs:QA Manager
Recruitment number : 1
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Facilitates information flow between Operations, the Study Director, and the client(s).

Establish project schedules or calendar to set priority and monitor progress.

Assist Study Director with developing Study-Specific Procedures (SSPs) to supplement protocol as needed.

Prepare detailed schedule and work lists and communicate with operations personnel to identify scheduling conflicts and/or constraints; provide QA with study schedule and update as needed.

Serves as liaison for department, coordinates activities, personnel and equipment utilize, resolves any discrepancies or problems.

Monitor and manage flow of data in to study spreadsheets and databases.

Compile and maintain study records and documentation such as protocols, forms, amendments and reports.

Prepare study records for transfer to the archives at the end of the study.

Coordinate QA (Quality Assurance) oversight of study (if applicable).

Receipt and delivery samples, required materials and data.

Captures histological and radiographical images for reporting.

Other duties may be assigned.