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Models to Evaluate Atopic Dermatitis Therapies


When you are studying a condition that affects over 3% of the world population, as dermatitis does, you want to ensure your models are as predictive as possible.

PharmaLegacy has developed over 300 models to provide you with the answers you need to inform critical pipeline decisions. Our newest Atopic Dermatitis model leverages the high predictive power of non-human primates (NHP) to maximize the clinical relevance of our studies. Get acquainted with our new model and see why over 300 pharmaceutical companies, including many global leaders, trust PharmaLegacy for the unbiased, accurate information they need to make critical pipeline decisions.

Download the Atopic Dermatitis Brochure using the form on the right.


Included: 8 pages of data from some of our many immunology-focused assays.


Example data: Dose-Dependent Wheal and Flare Response.






See more data and information about the new NHP dermatitis model. Download the brochure using the form to the right.


Some of the many reasons to partner with PharmaLegacy:

More than 200 FDA / CFDA IND fi¬lings

Capacity to run 200 animal studies concurrently while strictly following AAALAC and ILAC guidelines

Over 300 in-house animal models

Scientific staff average over 15 years of pharmacology experience

FDA Part 11 Compliant

Bespoke assays and models available upon request

To advance a compound from discovery to clinical, or to halt its development, is a huge and costly decision. For the benefit of you and your company, and for the well-being of atopic dermatitis patients in need of treatment, that decision needs to be based on correct information.  PharmaLegacy can help you get the correct answers for your dermatitis pipeline with our rodent and NHP models. Contact us.