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Soft Tissue Histopathology

As an integrated service to our recognized capabilities and expertise in in vivo pharmacology, Pharmalegacy offers a full span histology, cytology and histopathology services to provide an advanced support for drug discovery in the areas of toxicology, oncology, immuno-oncology, disease of inflammation, metabolic, cardiovascular and neurodegeneration. We routinely perform tissue/cell processing, embedding, sectioning, special histology staining, immuno-histo and –cytochemistry staining as well as in situ hybridization with our cutting-age technology. Our qualified and experienced pathology team member works closely with our clients to assure the highest quality in a timely manner.


·      small and large animal necropsy

·      high resolution gross necropsy photography

·      in-situ perfusion fixation

·      ex-vivo organ perfusion fixation

·      tissue micro-dissection

·      H&E stainingn

·     special staining: Masson trichrome,Sirius red, Oil red O, PAS, Silver and others upon request

·      immunohistochemical staining (IHC)

·      immunofluorescent staining (IF)

·      immunocytochemical staining (ICC)

·      in situ hybridization (ISH)

·      fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH)

Anatomical Pathology

·      biomarker screen, location, density on cell lines, tissue microarray, cell line microarray and ex-vivo tissue culture

·      non-GLP toxic pathology including gross pathology and histopathology reading, analysis, evaluation, review and report

·    biomarker localization, screening via IHC, FISH, ISH on TMA, CMA, human tissue bank, animal tissue bank as well as NHP tissue bank


·      gross necropsy photography station

·      light microscopes with digital photography

·      organ perfusion tanks

·      tissue processor

·      paraffin microtomes

·      cryostat

·      tissue slicer

·      microscopes with digital photography

·      -80 C degree tissue sample storage

·      liquid nitrogen tissue sample storage

·     regular paraffin embedded block sample storage

·      biosafety hood

Liver Inflammatory Diseases

Lung Pathology (H & E Staining)


IHC Staining after Lung Tumor Tissue Culture


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