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Osteoporosis project in monkeys
Date: 2014.02.20
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February 20, 2014

 As a specialty CRO that provides Pharmacology services, we were picked up by Merck as the service provider for one of their Osteoporosis project in monkeys. They compiled all generated data and was accepted for publication as the paper (Inhibition of Cathepsin K Increases Modeling-based Bone Formation, Improves Cortical Dimension and Strength in Adult Ovariectomized Monkeys) in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (IF 6.128). We congratulate the Merck’s scientists Dr. Brenda Pennypacker, Charles M. Chen for the outstanding achievement and meanwhile, it’s also an acknowledgement on PharmaLegacy’s capability on the Bone Metabolism specialty. We look forward to working with more MNC R&D centers on the drug discovery and development endeavors!