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In the fourth century B.C, Plato wrote that light emanated from the eye, seizing objects in its ray, which allowed us to see them. Centuries later, our understanding of ocular anatomy and physiology has drastically improved. In addition, what was once perceived by humans of antiquity as a punishment from the gods, is today perceived as what it truly is: pathological processes that stem at the molecular level, and manifest all the way up to the systemic level.

Ophthalmic diseases have the potential to take away what many agree is the most important and valued of the 5 senses. Our vision.

At PharmaLegacy, we have a vision. A vision of a world where ophthalmic diseases are history, just like Plato’s extramission theory. With your pipelines, and our expertise in pharmacology, we believe that our vision might one day come true.

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Can you trust your animal model to provide you with the correct answers?

No animal study can predict with complete certainty how a therapy will perform in human subjects, but
it is PharmaLegacy’s job to ensure that you come as close to certainty as possible. Download our
brochure on non-human primate (NHP) models and see how PharmaLegacy ensures that your studies utilize
the most physiologically relevant models.


    The capability to succeed:

    • AAALAC accredited vivarium
    • Research data electronically managed by BioBook (IDBS, UK)
    • 600+ validated animal models of disease spanning 40+ diseases
    • PK/PD, molecular pharmacology and preliminary toxicology adjacency studies
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    Work with a CRO that sees past the horizon. Work with PharmaLegacy.