Assessing the intrinsic properties of drug candidates with the latest DMPK models.


When developing a drug, and before releasing it to the market, there are certain milestones that cannot be bypassed when assessing a drug’s safety. One of these milestones are DMPK studies, and they are designed to ensure that:

  • Your drug can and will be cleared from the body.
  • It will not leave any harmful metabolites behind.
  • It will not reach dangerous exposure levels or have harmful side effects.

Whether you are attempting to identify the potential risks of your drug before your initial clinical trials, or planning labeling restrictions ahead of time, you need a CRO with the proper expertise to lead your DMPK studies. An expertise we boast about at PharmaLegacy.

There’s a lot on the line. Let PharmaLegacy get the correct answers.

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DMPK studies demand flexibility. Can yours meet their goals?

When it comes to DMPK, flexibility is paramount. The right assay, model species, and instrumentation are all critical to ensuring you can meet your study goals and obtain meaningful, clinically relevant data.

Download our DMPK brochure and see how PharmaLegacy is equipped to ensure you get the answers you need, no matter how challenging the study.

    Committed to quality:

    • FDA part 11 compliant
    • Animal studies strictly follow AAALAC and ILAC guidelines
    • Electronically managed, traceable research data
    • Rigorous adherence to international GLP and QA best practices
    • Clients have real-time remote monitoring of studies
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    When you search for a CRO for your DMPK studies, set your expectations high. Contact PharmaLegacy and let’s discuss how we can exceed them.